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Mohammad Solei

Mohammad Solei 

Creative Director, 3D Artist, and founder of Solei Animation, Los Angeles

I'm an explorer at heart, always delving into the narratives and visual wonders beyond the screen.  My fascination first took root in architecture, where I admired how buildings could narrate stories through their design, with each detail posing a question or weaving a tale.


My academic and professional pursuits in architecture, including my time at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), provided a robust foundation for my artistic endeavors. There, I discovered the profound impact of storytelling in mediums like film and animation and how I could utilize them. This revelation was a turning point, steering me toward the world of film, animation, and 3D art.


As a Creative Director and 3D Artist, I've had the privilege of contributing to inspiring projects. From the critically acclaimed short film "Deep Dive," which offered a glimpse into a future augmented by technology, to my role as a VFX producer for the "Ipseity" art installation in Madrid, which explored the digital future, my journey has been one of constant exploration.


Witnessing the rapid evolution of social media, real-time animation technology, and artificial intelligence, I realized the immense potential of these tools in shaping our future. This inspired me to establish Solei Animation, a studio dedicated to empowering creative minds. At Solei Animation, we harness emerging technologies to build the digital future we've always dreamt of, one story at a time.


For all the creative souls, designers, filmmakers, and visionaries seeking to bring their ideas to life through animation and visual effects, Solei Animation is your home, and I would love to hear from you.

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